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About Us

Herron-Riverside High School is a second campus of Herron High School and is quickly becoming one of Indianapolis’ best public high schools. Herron-Riverside was rated an A school by the State in its first year of accountability and continues to hold that status.

Why should you choose Herron-Riverside High School?

  • Our classical liberal arts model equips students with the ability to think critically about a problem and apply logic to solve it, while instilling a love of learning. Our college-preparatory focus is respected by colleges and universities across the US. 
  • Our students reflect the rich cultural, ethnic and economic diversity of our city.  Students at our campuses learn within a real-world environment with peers and faculty who might not look like them.
  • Our students are known and celebrated. They are not products to be processed, but rather they are valued contributors to the classroom and the school community.