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Freshman 5: Our College Prep Promise to You

Every freshman who enrolls at Herron-Riverside High School receives the College Prep Promise. During their four years at Herron-Riverside, students are guaranteed the support and guidance needed to achieve success. Colleges recognize that Herron-Riverside graduates understand how to think critically and wrestle with challenging issues. They know that a Herron-Riverside student will not simply regurgitate facts and figures, but instead, will apply their knowledge in new and creative ways to help solve problems.  As a result of this promise, ten percent of last year's graduating class received full-ride scholarships to colleges and universities around the country. 

Starting your freshman year, you will:
  1. Begin taking coursework to earn college credits. Earn at least 30 FREE college credits - at Herron-Riverside and on nearby college campuses. With our advanced placement and dual credit courses, you may be able to enter college with enough credits to start as a sophomore.

  2. Participate in annual college visits. From small, private colleges to large, state universities, you'll begin dreaming about life after high school.

  3. Receive a personalized 4-year college plan based on your interests and career goals. Our counselors will work with you each year to ensure you are on the right track in meeting those goals.

  4. Build your college resume by letting your leadership skills shine as you and your classmates plan for signature events or create new clubs that impact your school and community.

  5. Cultivate your curiosity as you participate in thoughtful interdisciplinary discussions and  STEM-based projects to better understand the world as it is and as it should be.


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