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Academic Enrichment and High Ability Learners

At Herron-Riverside High School we strive to best serve scholars of all level of need, not least of which are those who have demonstrated high levels of proficiency and/or ability. 

Mission Statement

Herron-Riverside High School is committed to identifying and providing an enriching curriculum for scholars who perform at, or show the potential to perform at, an outstanding level of achievement in the core academic areas of math and language arts. Herron-Riverside High School will work to establish and maintain programs that both accelerate and enrich learning, so high ability scholars can maximize their academic potential, enhance their leadership and creativity, and develop emotionally and socially in order to be world-class citizens. 

Herron-Riverside High School believes that these students are found in all socioeconomic, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds. Herron High School will systematically use identification procedures that assess students’ achievement and ability, and also incorporate teacher/ parent observations and student work when necessary. These specific procedures can be found in our Official Identification Plan:

HCS High Ability Identification Plan Nomination and Screening Procedures

While formal identification often automatically qualifies a scholar for program opportunities, we believe in an open program policy where any qualified student can participate in the programming we offer at Herron-Riverside High School. 

At the core of the high ability program is AP coursework. Additional opportunities include:

  • Honors and Pre-AP coursework
  • Select course advancement through Summer Academy
  • Independent study
  • Credit by examination, including support for CLEP exams
  • School sponsored clubs
  • Early college course work through dual-credit programs such as IUPUI’s SPAN

Interested in more information? Contact our High Ability Coordinator, Mr. Chasten Bear, at