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Herron Classical Schools Scholars SAT Success

NEW exciting testing data is in! Together, Herron Classical Schools scholars performed at the top of Marion County public schools on the SAT. Herron and Herron-Riverside High Schools nearly DOUBLED the percentage of students who met SAT proficiency benchmarks from 2022 to 2023.

August 17, 2023

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STEM and Classical Education

One of the great misunderstandings about a classical education is that it ignores math and sciences in lieu of the arts and humanities. At Herron Classical Schools, subject matter is interconnected and allows students to apply what they learn in one subject to that of another. 

We asked computer science and engineering teacher Matthew Baron how our model benefits students who may not consider a classical school because of the assumption that they will not get the project-based learning that is so prevalent at STEM-focused schools. 

December 20, 2022

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Partnership with Praxair Technologies on Herron-Riverside Campus: Encouraging Innovation

Herron-Riverside High School is excited to announce a partnership with Praxair Surface Technologies, a Linde Company, launching in October 2022. Through this partnership, Herron-Riverside High School is now home to the Linde Design and Automation Lab, a creative space housing innovative technology and lab equipment, utilizing 3D printing, visual recognition, and robotics with possibilities for future development to come!

September 27, 2022

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Herron-Riverside Students Score Top on SAT Statewide

The State released SAT results last week and our Herron-Riverside High School students came out on top! Our English Learner students, specifically, ranked number two statewide in Math on the SAT, and our Special Education students at both Herron High School and Herron-Riverside are in the top three of all Marion County public schools in Reading and Writing.

August 15, 2022

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Setting a New Standard in Standardized Testing

Did you know that Herron Classical Schools students are outperforming their peers in the city and the state?

June 23, 2022

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Herron-Riverside High School Leadership Announcement

June 17, 2022

Having concluded another successful school year, we have some exciting news to share about our leadership team for 22-23.  

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The History of Black History Month

By Shay Sargent, Herron-Riverside High School Class of 2025

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Mr. Gary Wetzel Named ICSS Distinguished Teacher for 2021

Sending a BIG congratulations to our own Gary Wetzel for being recognized as the ICSS (Indiana Council for the Social Studies) Distinguished Teacher for 2021! This is a HUGE honor and we are so proud of Mr. Wetzel and thankful for the amazing work he does day in and day out for our scholars! He truly embodies our core values in everything he does.

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Herron-Riverside High School's Hispanic Heritage Celebration

In November 2021, our entire school was able to participate in a celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, hosted by our Latine Culture Club!

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Why Latin?

The four-year Latin sequence at Herron-Riverside High School serves as an intensive course in logic and logical processes, thereby creating a graduate who is much stronger in critical thinking and the ability for tackling more complex questions posed in a college classroom.

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How a Classical Education Lends itself to Connection

Rankings don't mean everything although it's nice to be recognized. What matters more to us at Herron-Riverside High School are the relationships we form with students and with ideas.

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Students' Open Letters During Coronavirus

English Teacher Ms. Laura Speicher gave her composition students an assignment to write an "Open Letter" to a recipient of their choice about their experience with this public health crisis. Click below to read their thoughts.

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Liberal Arts for the Math and Science Student

When it comes to a liberal arts curriculum, people tend to think of humanities and soft sciences. But what about those students who wish to study engineering?

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Education in the Time of Coronavirus

Times are changing rapidly. By the time we refresh our browsers, there will no doubt be updates and new mandates regarding COVID-19. At Herron and Herron-Riverside High Schools, we understand that these rapid changes, and the sudden school closures, have brought on some fear and anxiety. 

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A Homecoming for Herron Classical Schools Alumni

Year after year Herron Classical Schools graduates return to a homecoming game, a fundraiser, or simply to visit a former teacher. Several alumni show up every day. Not as visitors, but as HCS employees.

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