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Herron-Riverside High School's Hispanic Heritage Celebration

Herron-Riverside High School's Hispanic Heritage Celebration

November 2, 2021 by Herron-Riverside High School

In November 2021, our entire school was able to participate in a celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, hosted by our Latine Culture Club!

Our scholars watched traditional Mexican folk dances (and some were able to join in as well!), tried Hispanic snacks and candy, learned more about Hispanic culture from presentation boards, and were able to spend time in community with one another in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. Herron-Riverside High School has a vibrant, diverse community of scholars and we're proud to be able to showcase the rich hispanic community our scholars have created.

This event was completely SCHOLAR-LED, and (with the help of Ms. Martin, Mr. Gardner, Mrs. Knop, and Ms. Cutsinger) an AMAZING success! We love that our scholars are given opportunities to take ownership of their education!