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How a Classical Education Lends Itself to Connection

How a Classical Education Lends Itself to Connection

July 22, 2020 by Herron-Riverside High School

We are proud to be ranked in the top percent of all public high schools in the nation, and as the number one public high school in Metro Indianapolis. But what drives us are relationships – with people and ideas. As a classical, liberal arts and sciences high school, we engage students in dialogue that allows them to grow as thinkers and problem solvers. Together, we learn what it means to be curious and creative. 

A foundation of classical education is the organization of knowledge. Through a variety of methodologies, teachers use the classical model to construct a common language that allows all students, regardless of ethnic or socio-economic background, to participate equally. Students engage with timeless ideas and content, and discover how these ideas apply to their lives. 

As a liberal arts and sciences high school, we provide students with a holistic education that teaches them to become careful readers and analytical thinkers. Content across all subject matter is interwoven in a way that allows students to understand how the world is connected, whether they are studying geometry, Latin or comparative government.

Dialogue is a central component of a classical, liberal arts and sciences curriculum. In any given class, students participate in Socratic dialogue, which is a respectful debate based on a line of questioning used to draw out ideas and uncover assumptions. 

“By participating in Socratic discussions we get to hear from fellow students with a wide variety of viewpoints,” says Halla Vanest, Class of 2020. “I’ve been a part of a lot of amazing conversations with students and teachers.” Discussions like these are not possible unless connections are made between teachers and students, which speaks to one of our core values of building an environment of trust. Halla adds, “I have never experienced the amount of love that every single teacher feels for their subject matter and their students as I have at Herron.”